NHO Brussel: Webinar III - Electrifying Europe

Can digital solutions reduce infrastructure costs and increase profitability?

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Dato: 26. mai 2020

Tid: 11.00 - 12.00

Sted: Webinar


Increasing the share of renewable power in the European energy mix, while at the same time increasing electrification of mobility, industry and heating is arguably an important requirement for a successful decarbonization of the EU economy.

However, an increase in intermittent and decentralized power generation combined with larger demand for electricity challenges the capacity of the power grid. Significant investments in grid infrastructure will be needed to handle the increased demand on the one side and more intermittent and decentralized supply on the other.

Can digital solutions help us reduce the need for these investments and increase the profitability for power producers and grid operators?


  • Andreas Bader, Vice President sales and new products, Statkraft
  • Jan Pedersen, Director, Agder Energi